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Muscle and Femininity!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This is an old thing to still talk about but we can still hear people saying to girls "if you want to lift weights you will look like a man". Its's much more than a means to mold and shape your body, for many of us it's a therapy! It's the moment for yourself to fight the stress and clear your mind. Sometimes your body is begging you to go absolute beast mode in the gym, sometimes you just need to lift heavy and intense. Are you going to hold yourself back because somebody made you afraid of heavy weight? Absolutely NOT!!!! You need to understand muscle growth process is way harder than fat loss process and it's not going to happen with one heavy workout. To grow your muscles you need to lift heavy and intense every workout and you need to e on top of your diet, you need to stay in a calorie surplus and when you are lifting really intense keeping that surplus becomes difficult.

Heavy weights and a healthy balanced nutrition will shape your body, it will give you confidence. This confidence will make you carry those muscles with feminism becoming the sexiest version of yourself! Myself and many other girls reading we are just pursuing a healthy happy lifestyle with a body we can be proud of. If this is your case go and get some heavy ass weight and enjoy that adrenaline!!!!! Lift with passion you won't regret the results.

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