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CYNERGY offers diverse personal training programs for the beginner, intermediate or advanced. CYNERGY specializes in weight loss, body sculpting, lifestyle and nutritional management. We strive to achieve your short term and long term goals by providing personalized one-on-one or small group sessions.

            OUR PROGRAMS

CYNERGY’s programs help reduce body fat, increase lean muscle, and provide a higher quality of life for you.  Our revolutionary fitness programs focus on resistance training techniques that incorporate cardiovascular conditioning.

            OUR BELIEFS

We believe that in order for you to achieve results, there must be a balance between resistance and cardiovascular training in conjunction with a balanced nutritional plan.


CYNERGY was founded by Cynthia Sager in 2006.  Aside from being a personal trainer, Cynthia weight trains, is a duathlete and a long distance runner!  Cynthia also teaches groups of Kids and Women in specialty BOOT CAMP classes.  She's a mother of three teenage boys, a wife and owner of a Golden Retriever.

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